Information Services

Eydean’s concern in Information Services.

Eydean offers competitive offerings, through digital business development. We consider development through experiment. The information service providers include a mix of data, reports, applications, products, engineering and publishing companies that provide professional and business customers in different industries with information and next-generation analytics. We tend to fulfil the needs of their business which indicate the problems and challenges that arise from the content, technology, software, appliances, people and workflows, based on intelligent and data-driven technologies.

Accelerating business outcomes through information services.

Eydean helps information services companies in driving business performance by means of digital transformation. We accelerate business outcomes by leveraging our domain knowledge through engagements with market-leading companies in the publishing, financial, credit, Tax, Accounting and Governmental sectors. We are partnering with some large brands to help them build a stronger digital presence and re-imagine their new product experiences.

Testaments of Our Excellence

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