Artificial Intelligence

Intelligently crafted AIaaS to step up your game. Eydean is seeking to develop a world-leading AI as a Service solution and sound ecosystem that creates a niche market and become an important partner in the value chain of a global intelligent system, which incorporate the hardware and software collaboration to promote AI technology among industries with test fields, regulations, and data-sharing environment.

AI Talent Program

We aim at cultivating 1,000 elites in intelligent technologies, training 10,000 pioneers in intelligent applications, and attracting more global AI talents.

AI Pilot Project

We plan to adopt models similar to IBM Watson in order to focus research and discover niche advantages for development.

AI International Innovation Hub

We will expand cultivation of new AI startups, integrate the national development fund and private venture captital companies to support AI-related start-ups, and bridge international capital markets and industrial value chain.

AI for Industrial Innovation

We aim at cultivating 1,000 elites in intelligent technologies, training 10,000 pioneers in intelligent applications, and attracting more global AI talents.


Smart machinery

Innovative manufacturers already use artificial intelligence to tackle many challenges. Here are the key ways that “Industry 4.0”, the latest trends in smart factories, leverage automation, data exchange, and emerging technologies:
- Adaptive Manufacturing
- Predictive Maintenance
- Automated Quality Control
- Demand-Driven Production

Asia-Silicon Valley

Silicon valley — a technology hub for all computer companies and computer parts manufacturers. The demand for a space in silicon valley is very high which makes it very expensive. With Eydean is already providing a space — a hub — for technology and start ups in Southeast Asia. The tech fundings are increasing in large amounts over the years which makes it a lucrative market place for technology hub.

Biomedical industry

Due to the limited capacity of a human brain to analyze information, there’s a finite amount of data that one person can access and process, AI is capable of making connections that surpass human biases. “For example, our system found one paper relating a disease to a particular target. I’ve worked on that target—I would never have related it to that disease in a million years.”

Renewable energy

Researchers and companies are exploring how artificial intelligence could assist in improving accessibility and efficiency of renewable energy technology. Eydean’s AIaaS is currently working on :
- Energy Forecasting – Industry data is used to train AI algorithms to make accurate forecasts, helping to inform power supply and demand
- Energy Efficiency – AI is used to track and optimize how energy efficiency
- Energy Accessibility – AI is used to model utility cost savings and provide recommendations for smart home investments

New agriculture

AI in Agriculture – Present Applications and Impact. Agriculture is both a major industry and foundation of the economy. … Factors such as climate change, population growth and food security concerns have propelled the industry into seeking more innovative approaches to protecting and improving crop yield.

Circular economy

A circular economy is an industrial system that is restorative or regenerative by intention and design. It replaces the end-of-life concept with restoration, shifts towards the use of renewable energy, eliminates the use of toxic chemicals, which impair reuse and return to the biosphere, and aims for the elimination of waste through the superior design of materials, products, systems and business models. The new dimensions of product development and reuse concept in circular economy would also significantly increase the operational facility and network complexity. In this line, Internet of Things is a new emerging technology along with artificial intelligence is proposed to overcome the challenges in circular economy concept.