Idea Incubator

We intend to create a research based documentation as a complete idea set for the initiation and continuity of any business firm or just plan. The whole package of services is categorized into four major fields of a successful business organization and management.

1. Research as a service

This part focuses on analysis of market, competitors(national and international), feasibility of the product the company intends on producing and the projection of company status for a few years based on the budget and time the client can give to their business. Our trained AI engine will be used for accurate business projection and prediction.

2. Platform

This part of the Idea package extends the Research as a service and focuses on further business upliftment practices. Eydean provides all the technical as well as physical platforms for the smooth running of one’s organization. Technical platform package includes branding(logo and online marketing), Search Engine Optimization business strategies planning, websites management, internal software requirements fulfillment as well as suggestion on latest technologies to be adopted in the future. The physical platform package includes management of workspace, branding and business strategies planning and also getting to put the projection of Research on real time environment.

3. Human Resource collection and optimization

Eydean attempts to be complete business planner and manager. We thus provide the required human resources for your business within a suitable and feasible salary that our client can afford. After the human resource is hired by the company, the obligation of such manpower goes completely to the client itself. If you are a small business firm with no proper networking and competence in the market, the supplement of necessary human resource will definitely add up to your business as it reduces you searching, interviewing and selection efforts.

4. Idea Eydean as an incubator.

Eydean targets to be a top notch incubator in Nepal promoting tech as well as non-technical entrepreneurship among Nepali youth. We also intend on incubating international organization with different rounds of funding.


The four packages can be separated out and picked one at a time or can be collectively chosen. Generally, the last three packages extend the first part of the service that promotes business culture based on Research and analysis.