Meet The Team

Our team of Problem Solvers, Domain Experts, System Engineers, Business Analysts and Consultants can help your business at any stage of it’s growth.

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Aabhash Dhakal

Chief Information Officer

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Aabhash started his journey with Eydean in 2018 with all the fervour for developing Intelligence Systems equipped with his knowledge and experience in Machine Learning and Data Analytics. In addition to setting the vision and direction for Eydean, he balances the task of overseeing the company's Information frameworks and functions, with eagerly following the latest research and developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. A staunch believer in the capability of collective human efforts, he looks forward to being a part of shaping the company, aligning his curiosity and enthusiasm with the ambitious goals and worthy ideals of Eydean.

With a keen interest in global affairs, he enjoys listening to history and philosophy podcasts in his downtime.

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Aayam Kumar Shrestha

Chief Financial Officer

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Aayam Kumar Shrestha develops tools and platforms for Eydean Inc. He works remotely and collaborates through Eydean USA in Inception, System Analysis and Design, and System Integration. He also takes care of our programming environment, exercise framework, and internationalization policies.

Aayam has pivotal role in the development of AIaaS SAAS, Business Analytics, amongst a number of other Eydean projects.

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Ankur Karmacharya

Project Manager

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Ankur regularly sits down with the Project team to make sure that the project management and accountability remains buttery smooth.

Previously, he spent time at ThoughtWorks Inc., India and figured out his way of evaluating and leading project team with a solution building ability. He received a Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Sciences and Engineering from BMSCE, Banglore. He has major interests in sustainability and ecological issues and aspires to work for the global sustainability and climate concerns. A wonderful team player, he makes sure the team functions its best.

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Diwakar Pandey

Chief Marketing Officer & Dev

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Diwakar is primarily focused in nurturing the organization through his technological expertise. He also figures a way out to manage the team by preparing his practical way to make communication and hard earned leadership matter in and outside the organization. When Diwakar is not working, he is designing and that is what makes him a perfect communication designer. He is a graduate from London Metropolitan University and aims to grow as a Computer Scientist.

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Gayatri Timsina

Chief Operating Officer

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Gayatri knows that people want to change the world. She heads up Community and Organization Giving so that more people can be part of our collective effort to provide a world class technology for anyone, anywhere. At Eydean Gayatri performs the allocation of resources and manpower for handling Projects and Operations. Gayatri’s responsibility and decision has scaled the organization rapidly.

As an avid reader and idea generator, she helps the executive team with her leadership. Gayatri studied Cyber Security and Data Science at London Metropolitan University, and has spent time in the computer analytics industry developing cutting-edge analytics tools.

Manish Marahatta logo

Manish Marahatta

Chief Executive Officer

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Manish Marahatta started Eydean in 2018 as a culmination of years of work in Artifical Intelligence and Distributed Systems. Manish attributes the birth of Eydean to his love for Artifical Intelligence, Distributed Systems and the Open Source ideologies, need for growing a strong community around it and desire to create a platform to shape the next generation of technologist and problem solvers. In Eydean, he facilitates the team with ample guidance and resources and makes sure everything is getting a step closer to the goals.

In addition to setting the vision and direction for Eydean, he still makes time to explore, create, contribute and hack on projects he finds interesting. His contributions towards the Open Source Community is quite praiseworthy and inspiring. He aims to make Eydean a global learning hub and offers guidance to anybody who wishes to join the mission.

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Pankaj Niroula

Chief Technology Officer

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Pankaj joined Eydean in 2018 to realize his dreams of creating a platform to learn and grow in the sphere of Open Source ecosystem. As part of Eydean, he facilitates the creation and adoption of best tools and technologies, and focuses on keeping the infrastructures scaleable and afloat. Passionate about Computer Systems, he loves to share and explain in great detail how the nuts and bolts work to add 1s and 0s and compute for you. A BScCSIT graduate from Tribhuwan University, Pankaj dedicates time to connect and mentor budding technologists.

When not working, Pankaj is often found reading, musing and correcting himself over philosophical ideas. Avid reader and curious explorer, Pankaj prefers meditation and being in nature for living and growing well.

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Roj Marahatta

Strategy Officer

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Roj loves working on teams to create impactful, beneficial tech solutions. She’s passionate about web performance and software engineering best practices. She has got an expertise over strategy planning and implementation. Right now, she collaborates to Eydean Inc remotely from US and has got plans for globalization.

Her interests include music, literature, art, psychology and culture. She likes learning about all kinds of things.

Manzil Mudbari logo

Manzil Mudbari

Chief Customer Officer

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Manzil currently resides in Crawfordsville, Indiana and leads the sales and business development at Eydean. He is Passionate about making world-class technology developed by Eydean available to businesses around the world. He loves to think deeply about nebulous problems faced by our customers and take initiative to find solutions for that.

His goal is to drive the ambitious quest of Eydean on implementing disruptive technological innovation on every aspect of the world.