Agriculture Intelligence

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Eydean provides analytical and technical support in the field of agriculture based on resources and requirements. Our agricultural robots can perform essential farming activities like the planting of crops more often and more efficiently than human workers. We also hold a technical vision and deep-learning algorithms to process data captured by software-based technology to analyze land and crop health.

Similarly, our machine learning models track and forecast different environmental influences on agricultural productivity are being developed such as weather changes.
How agriculture is evolving with Eydean’s innovation?
Eydean offers revolutionary and effective technology for agriculture around the globe i.e. AI technology in farming as more creative methods of farming are needed because of population growth and land scarcity. We are helping the agricultural sector to develop with the following assistance. The smart farming practices that are around the globe are waiting to be brought at our native land fingertip away, through Eydean's constant approaches in the field. Right now, we are :-

Helping analyze agricultural data

Helping to improve harvest quality and accuracy

Tackling the labour challenge

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